All of Attack on Titan Is on Sale at Humble Bundle for Under $30

It's a big year for Attack on Titan as the anime series is planning to come to an end. Following Eren Jaeger's reign of destruction using the Rumbling, aka his army of Colossal Titans, the Scout Regiment is working its way to make sure their former friend's genocidal campaign doesn't eradicate most of the world's population. Now, to help in celebrating the upcoming finale, Humble Bundle is offering fans the opportunity to own countless manga chapters that go beyond the story we've followed with the Survey Corps.

Attack on Titan, or as fans will sometimes call it "AOT", has been quite the dark ride in exploring the world that spawned the war between the Eldians of Paradis and the peoples of Marley. With this Humble Bundle, you won't just be able to own a digital copy of the original series, but quite a bit of ancillary material. The anime series has given viewers a number of OVA specials in the past, though the manga has seen a few prequels dive into what stories came before Eren and his friends strapping on their 3-D maneuver gear. Perhaps, based on the series' success, we might see more of these stories brought to the small screen following the anime's conclusion.

Sale on Titan

Aside from the main manga, the spin-offs included in this Humble Bundle package include the likes of Attack on Titan: Before The Fall, Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of The City, Spoof on Titan, Attack on Titan Junior High, and Attack on Titan: No Regrets to name a few. The bundle even includes the Attack on Titan Anthology, which saw comic creators in North America give their own takes on the franchise that spawned from creator Hajime Isayama. Like most Humble Bundles, the offer will come to an end after a limited amount of time, so be forewarned.

Here's how Humble Bundle describes the sale of titanic proportions that also donates funds to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, "Journey to a post-apocalyptic world where grotesque giants roam and humanity is on the brink of extinction in Attack on Titan, the award-winning, New York Times–bestselling manga that spawned the hit anime series. This colossal collection features all 34 volumes of Hajime Isayama's acclaimed series, along with No RegretsBefore the FallJunior High, and more. Lose yourself in the saga of Eren, and help support BINC (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) with your purchase!"