Attack on Titan Creator Meets Eren's Dub Actor in New Video

Attack on Titan is gearing up for its final episode, and it goes without saying fans are eager to see how the series lands. It wasn't long ago Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 sent its first update into the world. The first half of the series finale was a brutal watch, but Eren kept in line with creator Hajime Isayama's vision. And recently, the mangaka had the chance to meet one of Eren's dub actors while on a trip.

For those who do not know, Isayama made his way to the United States last fall, and it was there fans got the chance to see the artist at Anime NYC. During the event, Isayama took the chance to meet Eren's English voice actor Bryce Papenbrook. The whole thing was taped by the team at Kodansha Comics, so you can peek at the behind-the-scenes clip above.

As you can imagine, Papenbrook was excited to meet Isayama, and just about anyone who met the artist during Anime NYC last year felt the same. Ahead of his trip to New York, the creator did ask fans to treat him kindly during his first U.S. appearance, and Isayama admitted he was anxious to see the fandom's reaction to the manga. After all, the Attack on Titan manga was finished well before the event last fall, so everyone knew about its divisive ending. But once Isayama arrived at Anime NYC, he received nothing but love from fans, and Papenbrook's embrace proved all was well.

At this point, the Attack on Titan dub has yet to tackle the latest update from season 4. Papenbrook and his costars will get the chance to step into the anime's two-part finale before long though. As for the series itself, Attack on Titan has said its final episode will go live later this fall. So if you are not caught up on Attack on Titan, you have a few months to get up to speed before Eren's bloody adventure closes. You can binge the anime on Hulu or Crunchyroll, and Kodansha Comics has released the manga fully in English for those eager to read Isayama's story. 

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