Attack on Titan Creator Pens Emotional Letter to Puerto Rico Fans

The creator of Attack on Titan is back in the news, and we have the anime's comeback as of late to thank. If you did not realize, season 4 of Attack on Titan returned to television this month, and it kickstarted the anime's finale. With part one down, there is one last installment of Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 to go. As such, Hajime Isayama is doing his best to promote the big milestone, and his press tour just posted an emotional letter Isayama penned to fans in Puerto Rico.

The letter was shared by Isayama's team over on Twitter for fans to read. It was there the writer addresses Puerto Rico's ongoing recovery from Hurricane Fiona, and Isayama said he was rooting for everyone as the operation continues.

"Dear friends in Puerto Rico, this is Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack on Titan. I would like to express my deepest sympathies for the enormous damage caused by Hurricane Fiona and wish for a speedy recovery. My hometown, Hita City in Oita Prefecture, has also greatly suffered from repeated torrential rains including those in northern Kyushu in 2017. I am as heartbroken as if your pain were my own. Hang in there, Puerto Rico," the letter reads.

For those who are unaware, Puerto Rico is still rebuilding after Hurricane Fiona devastated its coast in Fall of 2022. The storm landed on September 18th and cause nationwide damage to the electrical grid. Preliminary data from Puerto Rico after the hurricane estimated more than $2 billion USD of damage, and rural areas were swamped by destroyed infrastructure. Sadly, at least 21 deaths were linked to Hurricane Fiona.

Isayama has sent his love to fans still suffering from the natural disaster, and the author admits he knows how hard it is to see one's hometown suffer. After all, the manga creator hills from the Oita prefecture which was ravaged in September 2017 by Typhoon Talim. The storm caused widespread damage across northern parts of the Oita prefecture where Hita City resides. A total of five deaths linked to the typhoon were reported in Japan, and damages were estimated at $750 million USD.

This intimate letter is just one of several addresses Isayama has made to fans as of late. Last year, the creator of Attack on Titan appeared in the U.S. for the first time ever as Anime NYC. It was there the artist spoke with fans directly about his career, and Isayama has continued to promote the franchise in light of the Attack on Titan anime series finale. Currently, the first part of the finale is streaming on Crunchyroll, and Studio MAPPA has confirmed the second half will debut later this year. 

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