Attack On Titan to Release Watch Line Honoring the Manga's Finale

Attack On Titan's anime might still have a ways to go before it reaches the final tale of the [...]

Attack On Titan's anime might still have a ways to go before it reaches the final tale of the Survey Corps, with Hajime Isayama's story coming to a close in the pages of its manga earlier this year, but some new merchandise is looking to honor the last adventure of the Scout Regiment with a new watch line that is planning to arrive this fall. With Studio MAPPA taking some time to complete the second half of the fourth and final season, it's clear that Eren and the Eldians journey is going to be anything but predictable.

Season Four threw many fans for a loop when it was revealed that not only did Eren Jaeger secretly infiltrate the ranks of the nation of Marley, but had also struck a pact with his brother Zeke, the Beast Titan. Looking to end the menace of the Titans by implementing the "Euthanasia Plan", an action that would involve the use of the powers of the Founding Titan in order to sterilize all the Eldians of the world, the Jaeger siblings have formed a new resistance of their own that almost operates outside of the current battle between the Marleyians and the denizens of Paradis. Needless to say, the fourth season has been a serious surprise for many as Eren walks the line between hero and villain.

U-Treasure is currently taking pre-orders for the watch line that looks to honor the sacrifices of the Survey Corps following the finale of Attack On Titan, with a release window of this November, which will set fans back around $275 USD if they want to wear this tribute on their wrist:

Attack On Titan
(Photo: U-Treasure)

The world of Marley didn't just turn out to be filled with enemies of Paradis, it also was revealed to be far more technologically advanced than the island of Eldians. In the final episodes of the third season, we were able to see Eren and his friends discover the secrets of Grisha's basement, showing that the Eldians had far more problems on their hands than they could ever imagine. As the series sprints for its finish in the anime, expect plenty more surprises to arrive.

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