Attack On Titan Creator Says He Planned Eren's Whole Arc From the Start

As fans of Attack On Titan know, things have changed astronomically for Eren Jaeger in the fourth and final season of the dark anime series, and it seems as though a recent interview with creator Hajime Isayama shows that the Attack Titan's tale was planned from the very start. With Jaeger infiltrating the ranks of the nation of Marley and subsequently throwing his lot in with his brother Zeke, it's clear that Armin and Mikasa are going to have some of the toughest decisions of their lives ahead of them as the anime series moves closer toward its grand finale.

Eren Jaeger first started his story in Attack On Titan as a child who was a bit too headstrong for his own good, getting into plenty of fights among his fellow kids, but when the wall came down and the Titans invaded his home, he vowed to get revenge against the beings that ate his mother in front of his eyes. Throughout the first three seasons, Eren and his friends learned the secrets of their world while discovering the terrifying revelations as to how the Titans came to be, with the fourth and final season giving us a very different version of Jaeger when it comes to his mindset and his current appearance.

Twitter User Vincy Kasa translated Hajime Isayama's latest interview following the conclusion of Attack On Titan's manga, confirming that the stories of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa had been planned from the very start of the series but had made changes along the way to a number of supporting cast members:

While manga fans already know how Eren's story has come to a close, anime fans will have to wait until early next year to witness the curtain call of the Scout Regiment, with Studio MAPPA working on the series at present.


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