Baki The Grappler's Latest Manga to End This Summer

Baki The Grappler has become an institution in the world of anime brawlers. The story of Baki Hanma first began in 1991 from mangaka Keisuke Itagaki, with the titular character on a never-ending quest to face strong opponents in an effort to one day defeat his father, Yujiro "The Ogre" Hanma. Netflix is set to bring back the anime adaptation, Baki Hanma, for its second season next month, but it seems that the latest manga storyline is looking to come to an end this month.

If you're not familiar with the latest Baki The Grappler manga, it's titled "Baki-Dou" and focuses on the "Son of the Ogre" fighting against a warrior so powerful that he has earned the title of "Sumo-God". Based on a real-life sumo wrestler known as Nomi no Sukune, who is believed to have started the sport in 23 B.C., the brawler offers Baki one of his most difficult challenges to date. Following the conclusion of Baki-Dou, the manga will take a hiatus, though there hasn't been word on what a new storyline will focus on or when manga readers can expect it to arrive. 

(Photo: Weekly Shonen Champion)

Baki's Anime Future

Baki Hanma is set to return to Netflix on July 26th this summer, beginning with pitting the titular character against a threat that emerged from the prehistoric era. The hilariously named "Pickle the Caveman" is actually anything but, as the Neanderthal arrives on the scene, and is more than a match for many of Baki's allies. Following this initial batch of episodes, the series will take a brief hiatus to return on August 24th to give fans the arc that many have been waiting for as "The Father Vs Son Saga' will see Baki taking on Yujiro once again.

Baki's creator isn't the only member of his family in the anime game, as his daughter, Peru Itagaki, is actually responsible for the fan-favorite series known as Beastars. Much like Baki, Beastars also received an anime adaptation on Netflix, though it will return for the final time next year with its last season. We doubt we'll see a crossover between these two properties but it's clear that manga artistry runs in the family.

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