Beastars Creator Says Series' End Is in Sight

Fans in the West, and across the world, are awaiting the arrival of the anime series Beastars to be released in their neck of the woods on Netflix. With a confirmation date of March 13th of this year being released, it seems that Paru Itagaki, the creator of the "Dark Zootopia" style franchise, is hinting that the "end is in sight" for the series' manga. Having debuted in 2016 and currently on its 17th volume, it seems that Beastars' story is about to run out, promising to give us a conclusion to the harrowing tale of Legoshi, Louis, Haru, and many other characters in this fantastical series.

Paru also noted in the interview that she is "giving everything she has" in the run to the conclusion, asking that fans follow her on the series journey to the finish line. Itagaki definitely was made to create manga, as her father, Keisuke Itagaki, was responsible for the creation of the hard hitting franchise, Baki The Grappler. Though her father's series and her own could not be more different, it just goes to show how talented the Itagaki family is that they can create two long fan favorite series that ironically enough, both ended up on Netflix.

Anime News Network broke the news that Paru Itagaki was hinting at her series coming to a conclusion, with the franchise featuring a murder mystery with anthropomorphic characters that would seem at home in a Disney movie. While a definitive ending date/chapter number hasn't been released, we'd imagine we'll get confirmation on this sooner rather than later.

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Beastars was originally created by Paru Itagaki for Akita Shonen's Weekly Shonen Champion in 2016, and the series has been licensed for an English language release by Viz Media. They describe it as such, "Instead of Jocks and Nerds, the Students Are Divided into Predators and Prey. One night at Cherryton Academy, an herbivore student is brutally murdered. Among the members of the Drama Club, the herbivores' suspicions naturally turn to their carnivore classmates… The prime suspect? Wolf Legoshi. But he wouldn't hurt a fly. Or would he? Will dwarf rabbit Haru bring out the beast in him? Or are his feelings for her…something else?"