Berserk Cosplay Captures The Rage of the Berserker Armor

The anime of Berserk ended in 2017, giving us the Black Swordsman finally hopping into the long [...]

The anime of Berserk ended in 2017, giving us the Black Swordsman finally hopping into the long awaited Berserker Armor that gives him the ability to truly tangle with the "Apostles" of the God Hand, and one fan has managed to capture the aesthetic and personality of the armor set via some wicked cosplay! Though there hasn't been any news about the story created by Kentaro Miura returning to the small screens, the manga is beginning to dive into the origin of the Berserker Armor itself and has apparently begun laying the groundwork for the "End Game" of Guts and his merry band.

The Berserker Armor gives Guts a serious power boost with a serious downside in the process, as the armor itself makes the Black Swordsman lose his mind and nearly kills him every time he taps into its insane abilities. Recently, Guts has gained a better understanding of the armor itself which allows him to control its power that much more. With the manga recently bringing back Casca's mind in a recent installment, it's clear that the story of Berserk isn't holding anything back as it moves Guts closer and closer to the object of his journey: revenge against his former friend Griffith!

Instagram Cosplayer Berserkik Props shared this impressive recreation of Guts' armor that has helped him tear his way through countless demons as he navigates the dark world that was created decades ago by the unbelievable artist known as Kentaro Miura:

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The Berserker Armor was once worn by the mysterious Skull Knight, who was responsible for saving both Guts and Casca from the Eclipse that murdered nearly the entirety of the Band of the Hawk while also bringing the "Golden Age Arc" to a close. Though there are still many mysteries that are left to be revealed regarding Skull Knight, the latest chapter gave us a better idea of some of the trials that this masked swordsman has been through in his earlier life, including facing off against a very different version of the God Hand!

What do you think of this take on the Berserker Armor from Kentaro Miura's dark fantasy epic? Do you think we'll see Berserk return to the world of anime in the near future? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Berserk!