Berserk Fan Builds Guts' Prosthetic Hand

You'd be hard pressed to find an anime character who has been through more hardships than Guts, the Black Swordsman of the dark fantasy tale known as Berserk, but one fan has given some much deserved praise to the beguiled member of the Band of the Hawk by recreating his prosthetic hand in the real world! Guts lost his hand during one of the darkest moments of the franchise known for its brutality, "The Eclipse", wherein he cleaved it off in order to save his beloved Casca, but was ultimately beaten down despite his sacrifice, when all was said and done!

As Guts moves closer to gaining revenge against his former friend, Griffith, he has loaded himself to bare with a number of different tools at his disposal. On top of the giant sword strapped to his back, known as the Dragon Slayer, Guts' prosthetic hand isn't just a metal contraption that is able to knock demons around, but it also hides a cannon of its own that can blow away enemies in the path of the Black Swordsman. The Berserk fan here is able to do a bang up job of bringing Guts' prosthetic to life, though we doubt it holds a hidden cannon inside of it as Guts' does.

Reddit User Venom-Fryboy detailed how their loss of their own fingers set them on the path of recreating the useful tool in Guts' arsenal that he has used time and time again throughout the series taking place after the Eclipse that had him lose nearly every one he ever cared about:

I lost my fingers in an accident last year, but I built some articulated prosthetics loosely based off of Guts' hand! It gets me some funny looks when i'm out and about sometimes, but what do you think about it? from r/Berserk

A new Berserk anime has yet to be revealed, as fans await a confirmation that Guts and the Band of the Hawk will be getting new animated installments in the future, but the manga's story continues to march on as it appears that the end game for the characters of Kentaro Miura's dark fantasy appears to be underway!


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