Berserk Fans Find Dark Series Reference On The History Channel

Berserk has been one of the most popular dark anime series in recent memory, with the manga by Kentaro Miura continuing to tell the story of the Band of the Hawk, and it seems as if the History Channel took the opportunity to reference one of the scariest villains in the series in the form of Nosferatu Zodd. In the History Channel series, Forged In Fire, is a reality television series that follows participants attempting to create the best bladed weapons that they can, with a recent episode giving participants a blade similar to that of the Apostle, Zodd.

Nosferatur Zodd held a very important role in Berserk, acting as the first demon that both Guts and Griffith would run into, nearly killing both of them thanks in part to his amazing swordsmanship skills and his ability to transform into a giant horned demon with wings big enough to match. Though ultimately, Zodd let Griffith and Guts live after seeing that the leader of the Band of the Hawk was holding the "Egg of the King", which meant that he was fated to become a member of the demonic God Hand, Nosferatu became an important player in the series moving forward and still appears in the Kentauo Miura drawn series to this day.

Reddit User KneverKnew shared the clip from History Channel's Forged In Fire, asking its participants to create a sword that just so happened to be wielded by the Berserk villain of Nosferatu Zodd, even taking the opportunity to directly mention the manga series as it broke down the history of the sword:

I guess the folks over at Forged in Fire are berserk fans too! (please excuse my loud ass bird 😅) Never thought I'd see a berserk reference on the History Channel lol from r/Berserk

Zodd remains a part of Griffith's new Band of the Hawk, which is attempting to unite the human and demon worlds under the leadership of the "White Hawk", while Guts still attempts to get revenge for the lives that Griffith took in his quest for power. With Guts now wearing the Berserker armor and becoming stronger with each passing day, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top if the Black Swordsman is to once again face down Nosferatu Zodd.


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