Berserk Fan Animation Imagines Perfectly Hilarious Series Finale

Kentaro Miura's dark epic has been telling the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the remnants of [...]

Kentaro Miura's dark epic has been telling the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the remnants of the Band of the Hawk for decades now, with anime fans waiting for years to see the series come to a close, and one animator has hilariously imagined the "perfect ending" for the franchise. While Berserk has yet to return to the world of anime since its previous season that released in 2017, the manga has continued to move far into the future of the series that has become a fan-favorite story for many fans in the world of anime.

Currently, Berserk has been throwing some major curveballs toward fans, as Guts and his comrades have entered into the world of the fairies in order to learn some major secrets. With the magical users of this land, Guts and his crew is able to bring Casca back from the world of insanity, though the former captain of the Band of the Hawk can't currently stand to be around the Black Swordsman thanks in part to the devastating events of the Eclipse. With Griffith continuing his march to ruling the world via a new Band of the Hawk that unites both demons and humans under one flag, fans are left wondering if we'll ever see the end of this long-running story.

Reddit Animator Timmortal shared this hilarious fan animation that sees Guts delivering the much-needed punishment to the leader of the Band of the Hawks, paying Griffith back for the torture he put both the Black Swordsman and Casca through over the years:

While fans aren't sure when the series will come to a close, the story has been hinting that Guts is currently in the "end game" of his quest, as told by the mysterious Skull Knight. With the latest chapters diving into the origins of both Skull Knight and the Berserker Armor that is currently wrapped around the dark protagonist, fans are crossing their fingers that Miura will reveal more secrets and hopefully bring the story to an end.

While there have been no reports of an anime series being made to continue Miura's story, the creative minds behind Netflix's Castlevania haven't been shy about their desire to eventually dive into the world of Berserk at some point.

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