Berserk Fan Compiles The Frighteningly Beautiful Monsters of Kentaro Miura

Berserk fans are still mourning the loss of the anime franchise's creator, Kentaro Miura, who [...]

Berserk fans are still mourning the loss of the anime franchise's creator, Kentaro Miura, who passed earlier this month and left a major hole in the world of manga and anime, and one fan has taken the opportunity to compile the gorgeously terrifying monsters known as Apostles that helped make the series so beloved. The monsters referred to as "Apostles", where once human that were granted supernatural abilities as a result of the pacts they made with these god-like beings known as the Godhand and Miura was able to depict them with such detail that they remain some of the scariest in the medium of manga.

Guts The Black Swordsman spent the majority of the manga not only battling against these horrifying supernatural threats but also against fellow humans on the field of battle that eventually granted him the nickname of the "Hundred Man Slayer,". During the "Golden Age Arc", there were only a handful of appearances by monsters in general, with one of the biggest being Nosferatu Zodd, an immortal warrior that used his power as a demon to test himself on the field of battle, finding a level of respect for Guts when they clashed. Needless to say, these monstrous creations will be greatly missed with Miura having passed.

Twitter User Heresy L0ud started a thread honoring the unsettling monsters that were created under the pen of Kentaro Miura throughout the history of Guts time as a member of the Band of the Hawk and far beyond in the dark fantasy known as Berserk:

Kentaro Miura first began the story of Berserk in the 1980s, continuing Guts' story through the decades, with many fans devastated that the artist won't be able to finish his magnum opus. Berserk may never receive a conclusion to the tale of the Band of the Hawk, but Miura's artwork and storytelling will remain one of the greatest examples of what manga can achieve.

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