Berserk: Kentaro Miura's Cause of Death Revealed

The anime fandom is in mourning right now after news broke of Kentaro Miura's death. The artist died this month at the age of 54, and fans of Berserk are left stunned by the loss. As you can imagine, Miura's passing has left a hole within the community, and further reports from Japan have confirmed the artist's cause of death.

According to one of Berserk's social media pages, Miura passed away on May 6 after suffering from an acute aortic dissection. This sort of condition is considered a medical emergency and is said to be relatively uncommon by the Mayo Clinic.

For anyone wanting more details on the condition, you can find them here. Aortic dissection is unfortunately fatal more often than not. The condition impacts the aorta as the blood that navigates the channel surges and breaks through the tissue. As this issue progresses, critical cases see a bleeding push through the aortic wall, and those instances must be treated immediately.

For Miura, there was never a public acknowledgment of any condition that would have preceded this tragedy. Berserk did take a number of hiatuses in recent years with several of them having been attributed to health issues. Now, fans are left to mourn Miura in light of his passing, and his legacy will live on through them.


Our thoughts are with Miura's loved ones during this difficult time. May he rest in peace.