Berserk Gets Full Page Ad In New York Times

Berserk is thought of as one of the best examples of the medium that is manga, and with good reason, as the work of Kentaro Miura is unlike anything else on the market. With the beloved mangaka passing away earlier this year, the future of the series is undetermined, but that hasn't stopped published Young Animal from honoring the series, as well as promoting the final volume, with a full page advertisement hitting both the New York Times and other publications.   

In the final chapter of Berserk by Miura, we witnessed Guts and Casca spending time with the mysterious Moonlight Boy, who was revealed to potentially be a part of Griffith, the character that was more than willing to sacrifice his friends to gain otherworldly power. The final panel of the recent chapter does a good job of giving fans a final farewell to the franchise, should it not continue under the artistic stylings of Miura's assistants, though there are plenty of fans that wouldn't mind the franchise giving Guts and his friends an official finale with the series having run since the 1980s.

The Official Twitter Account for Berserk shared the three print ads that are available in the New York Times, the Asahi Shimbun, and Le Monde, hyping the arrival of volume 41 of the manga that might be the last time that fans are able to see the adventures of Guts and the remnants of the Band of the Hawk from manga publishers Young Animal:

While the manga's future is anyone's guess, so to are any anime adaptations for the beloved franchise. With the previous entry on the small screen arriving with two seasons in 2016, many fans felt that the series wasn't able to live up to the high quality of art established by Kentaro Miura. While nothing is set in stone, producer Adi Shankar has expressed interest in the past for adapting the series, with the producer's resume filled with projects such as Castlevania and the upcoming Devil May Cry and Far Cry animated series. 

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