Berserk Memorial Gathers Fans at Anime NYC Installation

Kentaro Miura may be gone now, but his legacy can never be forgotten. When the creator of Berserk passed earlier this year, fans far and wide came together online to honor his legacy. Now, lucky fans in New York City have been able to write their tributes down in person, and Anime NYC is to thank for the special honor.

If you did not know, Anime NYC returned this year with an in-person event. Vendors such as Crunchyroll showed up to celebrate the event, and plenty of installations were set up on the main floor. One of them was dedicated to Miura, and thousands of Berserk fans took time to celebrate his legacy.

As you can see above, Crunchyroll employee Peter Fobian put out a picture of Miura's tribute wall. The black canvas was put up at Anime NYC to give fans a chance to share their love of Berserk in person. By the end of day one, the huge memorial was nearly full of names. And of course, day two ended with thousands of tributes crammed onto the memorial.

Of course, fans shouldn't be surprised by this special tribute. Miura's passing cut the fandom at its knees, and it made national headlines. It doesn't matter whether or not you've read Berserk; You have almost surely come across something he inspired. Miura's bold art helped inspire many of today's top manga artists. In his 54 years, Miura managed to influence hundreds of thousands if not millions with his work. And despite the pandemic's blow to fan-gatherings, Anime NYC found a way to honor Miura with the help of thousands of fans. 

As for the future of Berserk, things remain unclear. A single chapter has been released posthumously which does act as a finale of sorts. The manga's team did release a statement suggesting Berserk may continue still, but nothing has been decided as of now. For the time being, the franchise is focused on honoring Miura, and fans wouldn't have it any other way. 

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