Black Clover Sees Yami Surprisingly Ask for Help from SPOILER

The fight against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has reached an intense new level in Black Clover's newest chapter, and the fight with Dante has gone to such a high level that Yami surprisingly had to really ask for help for the first time in the series. Yami was already struggling against Dante's gravity manipulating power, and things only got worse when Dante began to unleash more of his Devil's power. Although Yami had managed to break through with a powerful new spell against him, Dante recovery very quickly with the newest chapter of the series.

Chapter 257 of the manga picks up from the cliffhanger in which Yami completely blew away the center of Dante's body with his Death Thrust spell, and reveals that his actual innate ability is body magic. This heals him instantly, and when Yami's up against the wall from Dante's recovering body he surprisingly reaches out for help from Asta.

Dante morphs his body into a completely disfigured new form, and he soon admits that Yami indeed surpasses him in skill and experience. But it doesn't matter in this case because no matter what Yami tries to do, he'll never truly cut into Dante's body. During all of this, Asta is continuing to see Yami struggle and is trying to force himself to get up even though his body had been wrecked by the fight already.

Black Clover Yami Asta Team Up Help Surprise Manga
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Admitting that he can't beat Dante on his own, Yami shouts out for Asta and asks for his help. Saying he can't win this one without him, this inspires Asta to think back on all of their time in the Black Bulls together and all of them times Yami pushed beyond his own limits to save him. This was the final push Asta needed, however, as he soon jumps to his feet and runs to Yami's side.

Chapter 257 of the manga comes to an end, Yami and Asta now stand side by side as the fight with Dante reaches its climax. With the Dark Triad showing the extent of their Devilish powers, perhaps this team up with Yami and Asta standing on equal ground will be enough to defeat at least one member of the Dark Triad.


What do you think? Will Asta and Yami's team up be enough to defeat Dante? Will it be like the fight against Vanica and the finish will be saved for another time? How do you think the rest of the Spade Kingdom's invasion will play out from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!