Black Clover Announces Movie with Special Teaser Trailer

Black Clover is making some big headlines right now, and that is all thanks to its anime plans. While the show is coming to a close this month, the series will live on in the manga for some years to come. And thanks to an all-new announcement, fans have learned Black Clover has a movie in mind, and the feature is already wowing fans with a special preview video.

The promo was posted online shortly after news went live regarding Black Clover. The most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed plans for a movie are well underway with Studio Pierrot for Black Clover. This means Asta and Yuno will live on in anime even after the show closes, and this promo will surely get you hyped for the event.

As you can see above, the clip showcases some of the manga's most intense scenes as Asta hones his devilish powers. Yuno, Noelle, and more shown aiding the hero as they all work to reach their goals. And by the promo's end, Black Clover fans are told a movie is on the way.

At this point, we know very little about the movie in question, but Shueisha has promised to drop more information on its release at a later date. Most fans expect this movie to either debut in late 2021 or early next year given the timing of all things anime. Black Clover will launch its final episode next week after years of being on the air, so Asta has enough notoriety there to keep his reputation going. A movie in early 2022 would help boost the series back into headlines, and it would keep Asta from competing with 2021 giants like My Hero Academia's third film.


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