Black Clover: Asta Voice Actor Details Performing the Asta and Yami vs. Dante Fight

The voice actor behind Asta on Black Clover gave the begind the scenes details as to how he and [...]

The voice actor behind Asta on Black Clover gave the begind the scenes details as to how he and Yami's voice actor performed for their major tag team fight against Dante towards the end of the anime! Black Clover's anime run ended its impressive three plus years run with 170 episodes earlier this year, but before the anime came to an end there was one final impressive fight as Asta and Yami finally worked together in full in order to take down Dante Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made that a bit of trouble.

The star behind Asta, Gakuto Kajiwara, looked back on his time with the series during a special Virtual Crunchyroll Expo panel and discussed some of the complications from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during the final stretch of episodes. While Kajiwara did note that three people at most were allowed to record in the same studio, Kajiwara and Yami voice actor Junichi Suwabe were able to record together for such a big moment.

Black Clover Asta Yami Dante Fight
(Photo: Pierrot)

When breaking down some of the biggest moments in the Black Clover anime overall, Kajiwara opened up about the Asta and Yami tag team, "This part was amazing, too. Yami fighting so hard was something we hadn't seen until this point. I mean, 'Master and student fighting together' is written right on [the Black Clover poster], and you can really see it in this scene." But as Kajiwara continued, he opened up about the feelings he had during that battle's recording session.

"And [Junichi Suwabe] who plays Yami in the end..." Kajiwara continued, "This was a period where we couldn't really record together much anymore, but I was able to record this part with Suwabe-san. We see Asta and Yami fighting together in the episode, but it really felt like we were both fighting together in that recording session." With this battle really bringing the most out of Asta, Yami, and the anime's team overall for this major final fight, it was a huge moment that showcased just how far the anime project had come as a whole.

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