Black Clover Opening Spoils Massive Asta Reveal

Black Clover's newest opening theme sequence spoiled a massive Asta reveal for the Spade Kingdom arc. The first new episode of the year not only kicked off the anime's take on the Spade Kingdom arc, but it revealed a new set of opening and ending themes. Like many of the more enticing openings seen in the past of the series, the newest opening sequence for the anime is full of some major spoils as to what's to come in the next arc of the anime. But there's one reveal that's massively much bigger than the others.

While some of the reveals seen in the newest opening theme sequence are just teases of the kind of action and lore we'll be seeing throughout the rest of Black Clover's Spade Kingdom arc, one of the passing images in the opening is an outright reveal of something super crucial to Asta coming in the future of the arc. Read on for a full explanation, but be warned of some spoilers for what's to come in the next few episodes of the anime.

Black Clover Spade Kingdom Arc Anime Spoilers Asta Devil Liebe First Look
(Photo: Pierrot)

Black Clover's new opening theme sequence has a few interesting flashing images toward the end of it, and they all pertain to Asta in a significant way. There's an image of a woman waving, but it's too blurred out to recognize. That's important for Asta's future, but the one thing outright shown is a shot of a smiling devil in the same red hallway that Asta walks in toward the beginning of the opening. While this could seem like an extension of his greater Devil power, it's actually something else.

What this shot actually reveals is the first look at Asta's Devil himself in the anime series. Without explaining too much about how the Devil appears in the series or when, Asta's Devil eventually gets a full reveal in the later events of the Spade Kingdom arc. It's actually something that happens much later in the arc than expected for those anime fans enticed by this new opening, but it's a clear sign of how big the anime's going to be for the year.

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