Black Clover Reveals Asta's Reaction to Magna's Big Win

Black Clover revealed Asta and Luck Voltia's reaction to Magna Swing's big win with the newest chapter of the series! The second half of the fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad took a surprising new turn when the missing Magna and Zora Ideale made their return to the series after missing all of the fights beforehand. With this big return, Magna officially challenged Dante Zogratis and debuted a powerful new spell that would level the playing field between the two despite their massive gap in power. It was with this spell that Magna actually got a win.

The previous chapter ended on the cliffhanger that show Magna standing victorious over Dante. This was huge in and of itself, but it was also paired with both Asta and Luck arriving to the scene and witnessing Magna getting that final, decisive punch in. The newest chapter picks up right after this major moment, and sees Asta and Luck show much more respect and favor for Magna.

Black Clover Magna Dante Fight Win Asta Reaction Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 294 of the series sees Asta and Luck absolutely reviling in Magna's big victory. Asta's surprised to see Dante defeated considering both he and Yami "only barely" defeated him in the first half of the Spade Kingdom saga, and Luck is even more pumped to fight against Magna someday after seeing his strength in action. This is a huge acknowledgment from his peers that Magna absolutely needed.

Although Asta had thought of him very highly before the Spade Kingdom fights, Magna's self-esteem took a major hit as he was deemed too weak to even train in the Heart Kingdom. His rivalry with Luck made this even tougher to bear considering Luck's gone on to whole new realms of magic power, so this ended up being a critical victory in a number of ways that Magna absolutely needed.

Jack the Ripper recognizes this too because he while he was a commoner who rose to the rank of captain, this person in the peasant class defeated the opponent that he could not. He even cements this by allowing Magna to keep his victory by cutting down Dante as he started to recover once Magna and the others had left to take on the rest of the Dark Triad. Now it's just a matter of seeing how the rest of the fights defy expectations!


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