Black Clover Hypes Asta With New Manga Poster

Black Clover is in the midst of its final act, and all bets are off thanks to the big update. If you did not know, the manga returned to print last year under Yuki Tabata's guidance, and its hiatus broke with a bang. After all, Black Clover's final act has been nothing short of impressive, and fans are taking notice. Ratings for Black Clover are on the up, and now, Asta is taking center stage at Shonen Jump with a new manga poster.

The update went live this week when Weekly Shonen Jump posted its newest issue. It was there fans got a new look at Asta in all his colorful glory. With his back turned to readers, the cover art shows Asta gripping his trusty sword as it rests against his back. And with his sleeves rolled up, you can tell the Black Bull mage is ready to knock some heads here.

Obviously, this cover tribute has Black Clover fans buzzing, and that is because Asta hasn't been given such a poster in ages. His recent rise in popularity all but promised readers they'd see Asta grace the cover of Shonen Jump soon, and Tabata's art delivers here. Now, we just need Yuno to get a matching poster, and the Black Clover manga definitely set the wizard up for such a gift with his big promotion.

If you are caught up with the series, you will know Yuno just reached the rank of captain. The final act has started in earnest as Lucius has made his move against the Clover Kingdom. With allies on hand, Lucius' angels nearly take out the capitol, but Yuno's star magic keeps everyone safe. Seeing his power at work, the Golden Dawn dubs Yuno its new captain, and now the wizard is preparing to fight Lucius one on one.

If you need to catch up with Black Clover, you can find the manga online through MangaPlus or the Shonen Jump app. As for the anime, the Black Clover TV series wrapped its first half more than a year ago. In a few months, the anime will return with its first movie featuring an original story. So really, there has never been a better time to get into Black Clover than now!

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