Black Clover Offers Limited-Time Deal on Digital Manga

Black Clover has made a major turnaround over the last few years, and its manga has more readers [...]

Black Clover has made a major turnaround over the last few years, and its manga has more readers behind it than ever before. The magical story has made fans invested in Asta and Yuno's journeys to becoming the Wizard King, and it wants even more on board. After all, a new deal has gone live that will introduce more of the manga to readers for free, but it will only be around for a few more days.

Recently, Manga Plus announced its plans to release chapters 200 - 240 of Black Clover for free. The online library, which is run by Shueisha, has all of Black Clover ready to read for fans. While one or two chapters are free all the time, Manga Plus has rolled out these new freebies to keep fans occupied during the pandemic.

After all, Shueisha has been doing this for months now. As the world went into lockdown over the global COVID-19 outbreak, the manga publisher pushed out free chapters to fans. Black Clover was one such title, and this new drop of freebies marks the ninth round of chapter pulls for the manga.


For those of you wanting to read up on these new chapters, you can do so until July 2. The chapters available now begin at the end of volume 21 and continue through volume 24. This means Manga Plus has almost caught up with Black Clover, but it still has another round or two to go before it catches up completely.

The manga is definitely worth a read if you have not given it a shot! Or if you are bored without the anime, another read through will help. Black Clover is slated to return to TV at the start of July, so fans can gear up for the anime's return shortly!

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