Black Clover Star Reveals His Secret to Voicing Asta

Black Clover is one of the biggest Shonen franchises around, and despite its popularity, the anime series came to a close earlier this year, though that hasn't stopped the voice actor for the protagonist Asta, Gakuto Kajiwara, from sharing his secrets about bringing the hero of the show to life. While the television show might be on hiatus, the franchise is set to return with a new movie, though details about the release date and the storyline of the feature-length film have yet to be revealed to fans that have been waiting patiently for Black Clover's return since March. 

Kajiwara was recently a part of an interview with Crunchyroll, answering a number of questions about Black Clover, as well as diving into what got him started in the realm of voice acting:

"I've always liked manga and anime, especially battle manga. When I was in grade school, I read a lot of Shonen Jump and got hooked on Dragon Ball. I would play around impersonating Goku with my voice and started to wonder if I could express myself in various ways using my voice."  

Gakuto also dove into the character of Asta himself, describing what makes the young boy seeking to become the Wizard King tick:

"He ends up pulling the people around him into his life, but in a positive way. His enthusiasm, strong will, and his desire to never give up end up moving the hearts of those around him. Even if no one ever wanted to acknowledge it, people would end up wanting to see him and acknowledge him because of his determination and strong will, and he just kept flipping how people felt about him. I don't think this just applies in the story. I think as readers of the manga, he gives us the same kind of power. I think just by seeing him, we're able to find hope and energy in our own daily lives."  

Finally, the voice actor that brings Asta to life revealed his message to fans as he waits for the series to return:

"I'm going to continue to better my understanding of my acting ability and of my roles. I'm going to get stronger and better myself until the time comes when I get to play Asta again. I'm applying everything I learned by playing Asta in my other roles, but I'm going to just use everything gained there to become even stronger when I play him again. I will do everything I can to continue to move the hearts of people around the world."

Via Crunchyroll