Black Clover Debuts First Poster for New Movie

Black Clover has debuted the first poster for its new movie! Black Clover will officially be [...]

Black Clover has debuted the first poster for its new movie! Black Clover will officially be ending its anime run with Episode 170 airing at the end of march, and while this took fans by surprise, the more intriguing piece of that initial announcement for its ending was the tease that something even bigger was on the horizon. This only intensified when reports indicated that Black Clover would have a special announcement with its manga run as well, and soon this was confirmed to be an announcement of plans for the franchise's first movie project.

As a celebration of the sixth anniversary of Yuki Tabata's original manga series and a commemoration of the anime's impending finale, Black Clover will be continuing its anime franchise with a new feature film. To celebrate this huge announcement, the series has debuted the first poster for the new film which features Asta looking out into the series' bright future. Check it out below from the series' official Twitter account:

This reveal of the film's first poster unfortunately does not come with any new details, but there's a confirmation that more details for the film will be released at a later date! With the anime now ended, the film can potentially explore a few different routes. It could go the usual route and feature an original story set within the world of the series, or it could be a way to adapt the final events of the Spade Kingdom arc.

The anime's ending with a pretty tight window left to jump back into with the rest of the Spade Kingdom saga should the anime return someday, but if the manga does come to a complete end with this arc the film could serve as quite the explosive finale for the anime franchise as a whole.

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