Black Clover Teases the Surprising Source of Yuno's Magic

Black Clover is teasing a surprising source behind Yuno's wind magic with the newest chapter of Yuki Tabata's manga series! The Raid on the Spade Kingdom has reached a new climax as the first two of the Zogratis siblings have been defeated, and that means Zenon is the final member of the Dark Triad that must be defeated in order to stop the Advent of Qliphoth. It's a lot easier said than done, however, as the previous chapter revealed that Zenon is going to be a lot more dangerous than his other siblings thanks extent of his devil's power. 

Yuno has been struggling especially so as he's realized that the training he was able to manage in the time before the raid wasn't enough. Combating with his new feelings of inadequacy despite always easily gaining more power, Yuno ends up pushing beyond his limits and reaching a new kind of power thanks to a new grimoire acquired thanks to his ties to the Spade Kingdom. But while he has royal blood, it appears that his power in the Clover Kingdom could come from a different source as his Clover Kingdom grimoire just might have been descended from the elves. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

When Yuno's body was taken over by the elves, it was teased that he was actually the child of Licht and Tetia that never quite was able to survive due to the elves being wiped out by the humans. This teased why he had so much mana right from the jump, but it was complicated when it was revealed that he was also the long lost prince of the Spade Kingdom. This then seemed like his royal blood was actually the explanation for his power instead. But with Chapter 308 of the series, it's likely both are true. 

When Yuno is granted with the second grimoire from the Spade Kingdom, Patry is one of the fighters nearby who sees the light from the heavens being bestowed onto Yuno. Patry then realizes that it's just "as he thought" that Yuno's wind magic resembled Licht and Tetia's and is cut off before his sentence is completed. Knowing what we do about his incomplete possession during the Reincarnation arc (and that his spirit was from a half-human, half-elf child), it's looking like Yuno's familial line is even more impressive than expected. 

But what do you think of this reveal? How does it reflect his rivalry with Asta if Yuno was born with so many significant ties? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!