Black Clover Gives Yuno Game-Changing New Power Up

Black Clover has given Yuno a game-changing new power up with the newest chapter of the series! Yuno has been one of the more interesting characters in the series considering he provides a great foil to Asta right from the jump. Serving as Asta's rival, he has had to rarely work for what he's gotten thanks to how blessed he is with mana but his humble origins as an orphan alongside Asta have turned him into the noble fighter he is today. Then it was revealed during the Spade Kingdom arc that he's actually of royal blood. 

Like Asta he's been gifted with some notable abilities throughout the series thus far, and it was revealed that he was actually the long lost prince of the Spade Kingdom and thus explained where he got so much of his magic power from. With the fight against Zenon Zogratis reaching an intense new level with the newest chapter, and Yuno was pinned down following an attack in the previous chapter, all of this comes full circle as Yuno's standing in the Spade Kingdom actually grants him a game changing new power up in that now he has access to a second grimoire from the Spade Kingdom. 

Chapter 308 of the series picks up from the last chapter and while it seemed like Langris and Finral were poised to have a major comeback thanks to their combined spatial magic abilities, it was nowhere near enough to defeat Zenon at his full power. Seeing the resulting destruction, Yuno begins to lose all hope. He questions if he made the wrong choice in forcing his way into the raid on the Spade Kingdom, and begins to wonder whether or not this is really all he had to offer despite being praised so much in life and suffering the loss of his Golden Dawn friends. 

He wants to continue fighting toward his vow with Asta, and just then he's visited by a strange spirit and a grimoire soon flies his way. This grimoire is from the Spade Kingdom, and belongs to him because he's the former prince. It's implied to be a light magic grimoire, but we have yet to see what kind of new power it's given him. Now that Yuno has control over two grimoires, something that will be unique to him due to his belonging to two different kingdoms at once, now he's ready for this rematch against Zenon. 

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