Black Clover Reveals Yuno's Surprising Spade Kingdom Connection

Black Clover revealed Yuno's surprise connection to the Spade Kingdom in the newest episode! The anime has finally started adapting the much anticipated Spade Kingdom arc of Yuki Tabata's original manga series, and that means there will be many significant reveals and character introductions in the coming episodes. Yuno might not have been a part of the Clover Kingdom group that trained in the Heart Kingdom during the six month timeskip, but he's just as pivotal of a character in this coming arc as Asta and the others are. In fact, he might just be the most important.

The first episode of the Spade Kingdom arc ended with a mysterious cliffhanger that seemed to tie a mysterious Spade Kingdom refugee to Yuno in a significant way, and Episode 159 of the anime confirmed this was to be the case as it was revealed that Yuno has deep ties to the Spade Kingdom. As it turns out, he's their long lost prince that they have been searching for.

Making his way to Hage Village after being told their was a Spade Kingdom refugee looking for him, the refugee they starts to widen his eyes and mentions that Yuno is the "spitting image of Lord Ciel." Together with the necklace around his neck (that he had gotten back in the six months following the Reincarnation arc), this person reveals he is not their enemy and gives some details about the Spade Kingdom's past.

Black Clover Yuno Prince Spade Kingdom Anime Spoilers
(Photo: Pierrot)

He mentions how it used to be a peaceful kingdom under the rule of the House of Grinberryall, but soon the Dark Triad arrived and exiled that family and took over. It's here that he says Yuno belongs to the House of Grinberryall, and thus the prince of the Spade Kingdom. The episode ends shortly after this cliffhanger, so unfortunately further details about this reveal will be shown with the next release.


If Yuno is indeed the long lost prince of the Spade Kingdom, then there are several questions as to how he ended up in the Clover Kingdom's Hage Village in the first place. Not to mention what Yuno will do with this information as well. What do you think?

Can you believe Yuno's actually a prince from another kingdom? Does this explain his effortless strength? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!