Black Clover Cliffhanger Sees Yuno Bet it All on Yami

Black Clover has been stuck on the battlefield for months now, but the manga seems like it is ready to kick the match up a notch. At last Lucifero is taking the battle seriously, and Yuno has been backed into a corner with his allies. With his impressive magic on full display, it was only a matter of time before Yuno made a bet on the fight's outcome, but the manga just revealed the boy is putting his faith in a surprise mage.

This time, it seems Yuno isn't going to bet on Asta. There is another warrior on the field that has grabbed his eye, and netizens are split over whether Yami was the right choice.

As for why Yuno went with his bet, well – there are two reasons. The first likely has to do with accessibility which is something Asta has severely limited. By using his Devil Union power, Asta is loaded with anti-magic right now, so Yuno would have a hard time lending a hand to his friend. There is also the fact that Lucifero just acknowledged Asta as being the easiest of his current party to kill despite being the biggest threat. The backhanded compliment may show has strong Asta has become, but this life-or-death bet isn't one Yuno will make lightly.

Of course, the top reason Yuno entrusted his bet to Yami comes down to the sword he wields. Despite his insane power, Yuno is still very loyal to those who mentored him, and Yami is the one who is wielding his captain's sword. Yuno makes it clear that he will bet on the fighter wielding the Vengeance Sword, and that is Yami. But of course, that might change.

Yuno never calls out Yami by name, so his bet could be transferred on a technicality. If Asta were to wield the sword, then he would become the "one" with the Vengeance Sword. This would transfer Yuno's support to Asta, and Black Clover fans aren't willing to discount the possibility just yet. When Lucifero is involved, anything is possible, and creator Yuki Tabata isn't afraid to go off-script if need be.

Now, fans are eager to see how Black Clover fares with this bet, and plenty are eyeing Yami with fear. Lucifero is ready to kill the next person who attacks, so the stakes are higher now than ever before. If Yami kicks it, there is no doubt a blanket of grief will overtake Asta. But in the midst of battle, we're sure Asta would pick up his captain's sword and press on to make Yami proud. 

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