Bleach Animator Spotlights Gin in New How-To-Draw Video

Bleach has been making a huge comeback as of late, following the conclusion of the series in both the manga and the anime, with the franchise touting that the final story line of the manga would finally be animated in the One Thousand Year War Blood Arc as well as the spin-off series of Burn The Witch, and one animator for the series shared a special "how to draw" video of one of the series biggest villains. Gin, who was revealed in the early arcs to be a henchman for Aizen, hid his malice behind a smile and was a definite fan favorite character.

Masashi Kudo was one of the most well known animators on the series of Bleach, working for Studio Pierrot which was the same animation studio responsible for bringing the tales of the Hidden Leaf Village to life in the franchise of Naruto! Kudo has taken to social media time and time again to share some of his amazing work in the past, still clearly loving the franchise of Bleach long after its conclusion. Though we don't know whether or not Kudo will be lending his talents to the One Thousand Year War Blood Arc and/or Burn The Witch, his art would definitely be welcome based on his past work!

Masashi Kudo shared an impressive two video series that showed how the animator drew Gin Ichimaru, one of the big early antagonists of the Bleach series, in under an hour, proving that he has become a master of animation some of these big Shonen characters during his time as an animator:

Gin Ichimaru wasn't able to escape his betrayal of the Soul Society, eventually being killed by Aizen himself during the Fake Karakura Town Arc, with his former friend Rangiku being by his side as he took his final breath. Aizen was easily considered to be the biggest villain in the franchise of Bleach, using his ties within the Soul Society to assemble an army as well as continue his experiments when it came to the Arrancar, Hollows, and Shinigami respectively.

What do you think of this "how to draw" video from animator Masashi Kudo? Who was your favorite villain in the anime franchise of Bleach? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Soul Society!