Bleach Cosplay Unleashes The Hollow Of A Femme Ichigo

With 2020 being a big year for Bleach, seeing the announcements of the animated adaptation of the [...]

With 2020 being a big year for Bleach, seeing the announcements of the animated adaptation of the "1000 Year Blood War Arc" and the spin-off series of "Bleach: Burn The Witch", one fan has decided to unearth one of the scariest looks for Ichigo Kurosaki by making a cosplay for his Hollow form! Throughout the anime series, Ichigo went through a number of different transformations and power surges that put him at the top of the Shinigami list time and time again. When his dark side was uncovered, it was clear there was more to Ichigo's origin than we had originally thought.

Ichigo first became a Hollow while training with the enigmatic Urahara, with the old man putting the young student through a process that would help further awaken his powers as a Soul Reaper. Though Ichigo did get a power boost from this process, it had a serious downside in that it also caused him to transform into a Hollow. While he was able to beat this dark takeover, Ichigo never lost his Hollow and in turn gained another power up that allowed him to access the dark side of his soul and lend even more power to his Bankai and his Shinigami form, the likes of which many hadn't seen before. While the characters of the Arrancar would appear later on in the series who were Hollows themselves at one point, the mystery of Ichigo's Hollow form was a big driving point for the anime earlier on.

Instagram Cosplayer Katsu.UCosplay shared this amazing interpretation of Ichigo's Hollow form, which he used in order to win fights against the likes of Rukia's brother with said transformation taking a heavy toll on Kurosaki's body and psyche:

With Bleach returning with its final anime arc in the future, it will be interesting to see how and if Ichigo's ties to the world of Hollows comes into play!

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