Did 'Bleach's Creator Just Admit He Has Beef With Eiichiro Oda?

There are few people in Japan as well-known as Eiichiro Oda, but the creator of One Piece may not [...]

There are few people in Japan as well-known as Eiichiro Oda, but the creator of One Piece may not be loved by all. During a recent radio appearance, the creator of Bleach had some fans wondering if he really meant to air out a decade-long beef with Oda in public.

Recently, Tite Kubo appeared on TBS Radio to talk about his career and work on Bleach. The artist went in-depth about his start as a manga creator, and it was there Kubo revealed he had a bitter run-in with Oda way back in the 1990s.

Thanks to a summary from a Twitter translator, audiences can read up on Kubo's encounter with Oda in 1996. During Kubo's interview, the artist said he debuted in a special issue of Weekly Shonen Jump with a one-shot. The magazine favorited its veteran artists at the time over newcomers, so Kubo was ranked after veterans.

Apparently, Kubo got outvoted and fell under Oda as the One Piece artist debuted 'Romance Dawn' in that special issue. After explaining the encounter, Kubo then said he started to dislike Oda after debuting underneath him, but fans should not read too into the supposed beef.

After all, co-workers can joke with one another.

While there is no real way to know what Oda and Kubo's relationship is like, fans can look to how the former reacted with Bleach ended. In 2016, Oda released a comment about Kubo's finished work and congratulated the artist.

"Thank you for your 15-year-serialization of Bleach, Kubo-san," Oda wrote. "Take a good rest!"

For now, fans can only imagine what the pair are like, but many would like to the creators of Monkey D. Luffy and Ichigo Kurosaki get along. If not, well - the beef would make for one tasty feud between the shonen icons.

If you are not familiar with One Piece, then you can join the k-pop sensations by joining the show's fandom. The series debuted under Eiichiro Oda more than two decades ago, and it has become one of Japan's most popular franchises ever. The story follows a boy named Monkey D. Luffy as the young pirate seeks to become the King of the Pirate by finding the One Piece. The hero creates a loyal crew he dubs the Straw Hat Pirates, and the team have undergone dozens of harrowing, swashbuckling missions since.

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