Bob's Burgers Eyeing Short Season Amid Ongoing Hollywood Strikes

According to a staffer on Bob's Burgers, the animated sitcom is eyeing a hiatus as Hollywood juggles strikes by the SAG-AFTRA and WGA unions.

Hollywood is still on strike, and the unions aren't backing down. The members of the WGA have been on strike for weeks upon weeks, and they were joined this summer by the SAG-AFTRA. With much of Hollywood at a standstill, the industry has done what it can to keep content rolling out. This means animated shows have become a lifeline for many as animators aren't on strike, but for the crew on Bob's Burgers, that safety net is gone now.

Over on TikTok, a crew member who works on Bob's Burgers shared the update with fans to shine light on the ongoing strike. As it turns out, it seems the Bob's Burgers production team has reached a standstill. The animators have no more scripts to adapt, so Bob's Burgers is now at an impasse.

"We are officially out of scripts to work on Bob's Burgers. Just know that until the strike is over, there is going to be no more Bob's Burgers. Other than the 17 episodes we did finish," the animator reveals.

For those curious about Bob's Burgers and its usual run, the show puts out 22 episodes per season usually. With 17 episodes in the bag, it seems Bob's Burgers season 14 could be truncated. After all, the series is set to return on October 1st, but the animation team cannot fill out a typical episode order if it has no scripts.

And of course, the WGA is not about to budge on its demands. The guild is asking for several major demands involving AI, streaming transparency, and worker benefits. These asks closely mirror what the SAG-AFTRA union wants for its acting members. At this point, the major Hollywood studios have yet to cave to these requests, and this stalemate is what has pushed Bob's Burgers to the brink.

Luckily, you can always rewatch your favorite parts of Bob's Burgers. The Fox animated comedy launched in January 2011, and its current seasons can be found streaming on Hulu. So if there is more information you need to know, you can read the official synopsis of Bob's Burgers below:

"Smart laughs and irreverent fun are always on the menu at BOB'S BURGERS. Bob Belcher's family-run restaurant would be a big success if not for one thing – his family! Oldest daughter, Tina, can't control her raging hormones. Middle son, Gene, promotes the restaurant by wearing a burger costume, but forgets to take it off to pee. And little Louise tells her class that Bob's burgers are made from human flesh! This quirky comedy will leave you hungry for more."

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