Boruto Reveals First Look at Kawaki's Power

Boruto fans have been waiting for the day when the anime would dive headfirst into the events of [...]

Boruto fans have been waiting for the day when the anime would dive headfirst into the events of one of the biggest arcs to ever play out in the chapters of its manga, and audiences won't have to wait long until this is a reality as Jump Festa released a new trailer for the "Vessel Arc" that not only shows Kawaki's first introduction to Team 7, but his powers as well. Intrinsically tied to the Kara Organization, Kawaki's arrival has big ramifications for not only Boruto and his friends within Konoha, but the world of ninjas as well!

Kawaki, for those that might not know, is a creation of the Kara Organization, given life as a result of a biological experiment to help create a body that would act as the perfect "vessel" for the celestial ninja known as the Otsutsuki. In both the anime and the manga, that Kara Organization has been working to fulfill the desires of the clan of "space ninjas" who seek to drain worlds of their karma in order to cement their immortality. Kawaki's powers, which are briefly shown here, are a result of the numerous experiments that were done in order to make his physical form the perfect recipient for these beings that have become a threat to Konoha since Naruto Shippuden!

Boruto Kawaki Powers
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Kawaki himself can hardly be thought of as a ninja in his early days of the series, instead acting as a powerhouse that is able to use the physical enhancements that have been performed on him thanks to the head of Kara's Research and Development Team in Amado. Sporting a modified arm that can change into a blade, or even a gun that can unleash a torrent of projectiles at his enemies, Kawaki is also granted strength, speed, and a number of other benefits as a result of his "upbringing".

With the "Vessel Arc", Kawaki comes into contact with Team 7 for the first time, though his place within the Hidden Leaf Village has been solidified within the pages of the manga. Though Boruto started with both the protagonist and Kawaki facing one another in their teenage years, it will definitely be interesting to see how they reach that point in both the television series and the manga!

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