Boruto Finally Reintroduces Kawaki in New Opening

Boruto Uzumaki was brought into the world years ago, and he has gone through a lot since gaining his own series. The hero has joined Team 7 like his father before him, and he's experienced an array of missions in his time. Of course, the anime promised fans from day one Boruto will meet his match with a boy known as Kawaki, and the series has revisited this mystery fighter at last.

Earlier today, fans tuned in to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as the sequel finally put out a new opening. The show is preparing to put out a new arc, so that means a new opening was needed to prepare audiences. And in its first moments, fans were reunited with Kawaki.

The boy's pat in this opening is short, but it is the first time we have seen Kawaki animated since episode one. The boy is shown reaching a hand out towards the screen, and he is dressed in a cut-off vest. All things look simple enough until you realize Kawaki is obliterating the Hokage mountain with his grip, so that is not the best of news.

For Boruto fans, this visit is an exciting one, so they are happy to see Kawaki. It marks something extra special for manga readers as they know how integral Kawaki is about to become in the anime. The manga is highly invested with the boy as Team 7 agrees to adopt the boy as one of their own. His ties to Kara and Karma given the Hidden Leaf a lot of much-needed intel on their foes. And soon, it seems Kawaki will be brought into the anime for real.

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