Boruto's Anime Will Reportedly Return Next Month

It has been about two months since Boruto Uzumaki hit up televisions with new episodes. The show [...]

It has been about two months since Boruto Uzumaki hit up televisions with new episodes. The show was one of several that had to got on hiatus due to COVID-19 production delays. Now, plenty of those shows have returned or confirmed when they will do so. And according to a new report, it seems like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will return very soon.

The reports hit social media yesterday as a slew of notable fan-pages began sharing details about Boruto. Chatter surfaced suggesting that Boruto is slated to return on July 19 after a long wait. At this point, neither Shonen Jump nor TV Tokyo has made this date official, but fans are crossing their fingers that it comes true.

Of course, it would make sense for Boruto to show up on television ASAP. The show is one of the most lucrative at TV Tokyo and does well for Studio Pierrot. The latter has also confirmed its other hit series Black Clover will return to TV soon. The magical hit is slated to debut at the start of July, so it would not be strange for Boruto to follow afterward.

(Photo: TV Tokyo)

As for what the show will come back with, Boruto fans are optimistic the manga will finally come into play. Other reports have suggested the show will tackle the Kara arc before too long. The anime gave its take on the Mujina Bandits arc before it was put on hiatus, and its filler episodes are doing so-so with fans. So if it wants to rev up the action for viewers, it would be a great idea to introduce Jigen, Delta, and Kashin as soon as possible.

If you cannot wait any longer for Boruto to return, you can always give the manga a try. The monthly series recently put out a new chapter which made some major revelations about Kara and the Hidden Leaf Village. You can read the manga online in its entirety through VIZ Media so happy readings!

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