Naruto Updates Fans on Boruto's Return Date

It has been a couple of months since Boruto popped up with new episodes, and the wait is beginning to wear on fans. As more anime returns from their pandemic-induced hiatuses, the Naruto fandom is eager for their sequel to come back on the air. Luckily, the team behind Boruto: Naruto Next Generations knows that, and they updated fans on the show's return in a recent post.

Taking to Twitter, the official page for Naruto gave fans an update on the sequel. Japan has been running reruns of Boruto while the show is on hiatus, and the team asked fans to wait a bit longer for a new episode to be released.

"Wait a little longer for the latest episode [of Boruto]to be broadcast," the tweet teased.

Of course, fans wanted more information than that, but Boruto has kept quiet about its comeback. The show left fans on episode 154 which followed Himawari as she gave the Ninja Academy a shot. Naruto's youngest child is not sure if she wants to become a ninja, but after attending a trial day at school, Himawari seems far more open to the idea. And as fans can vouch, she is a natural at the job.

Now, it is only a matter of time until episode 155 goes live, but there is still content keeping fans afloat. The next chapter of Boruto will debut in a matter of days, and most agree the manga is leagues ahead of the show. While the anime tackles slice-of-life arcs, the manga is straightforward with its exploration of Boruto's plot. And as fans have learned, the main storyline of the sequel is pretty darn compelling.


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