Star Wars' John Boyega Shares His First Impression of Boruto

John Boyega has been in the headlines recently as he lends support to the Black Lives Matter [...]

John Boyega has been in the headlines recently as he lends support to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the globe, but he does take time to relax. Despite his busy schedule, the Star Wars actor made it clear to fans that he carves out time for himself. As it turns out, Boyega used a bit of his off time as of late to watch some anime, and the actor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Over on social media, Boyega did not soften his opinions on Boruto for anyone. As a huge fan of the Naruto franchise, the actor said he tried to watch the sequel the other night, but he just couldn't do it.

"Tried to watch Boruto tonight and I just can't do it," the actor said.

Of course, the actor got plenty of anime fans buzzing with his post. The debate surrounding Boruto is a long one, and it has focused on the quality of the sequel. There are fans of Naruto who argue this sequel is too soft for the franchise and point to its filler arcs as proof of its disorganization. There are others who believe the slice-of-life arcs in Boruto are just what the franchise needed, and there is no need to rush the sequel's pacing given the arcs we know are coming in the manga.

For now, it seems like Boyega hasn't caught the Boruto bug, but I'll admit I have. There is no denying that the sequel's manga is on fire these days, and fans are eager for its next chapter to drop. The danger of Kara has never felt more real, and that doesn't even touch upon Kashin Koji, Karma, or Kawaii. As for the anime, the filler arcs that some detest give solid characterization to Boruto's classmates since the manga cannot. The series' monthly schedule does not give the sequel breathing room to explore secondary characters, but the anime has agreed to pick up the slack. That is why I find Boruto to be a worthy sequel to Naruto, so here's to hoping Boyega gives the anime another shot someday!

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