Naruto Animator Wows with an Uzumaki Family Rasengan

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation has been building up the Uzumaki family since episode one. While the manga deals with more plot-centric stories, the anime has become the family's champion with a slew of touching fillers. Now, it seems one of the artists behind Boruto is putting another spotlight on the family as the clan whips out a joint Rasengan.

Over on Twitter, fans were enamored when Boruto animator Cheng Xi Huang shared their work with fans. The artist, who is responsible for animating some of the best scenes in Boruto, did up some artwork showcasing the Uzumaki family's power. And as you can see, there was no better way to show off their strength than with a joint Rasengan.

The black-and-white art shows Hinata to the left while Boruto and Himawari tuck into the side. They are bracketed by Naruto on the right who is holding out his palm upwards with a Rasengan nestled within. Boruto has his hand on top to keep the jutsu going, but Himawari and Hinata are giving the attack some chakra too.

In fact, if you look very closely, you can see that Hinata is resting her hand on Naruto. The cute detail shows why the couple is a favorite with fans, so we cannot help but ship NaruHina with this artwork.


Huang would agree as the artist has posted several pieces of art depicting the couple. He even got in some hot water a couple of years ago when he posted a racier sketch of the couple. The art in question animated Hinata and Naruto waking up in bed while nude under the covers, but the so-called scandal quieted quickly as fans thanked Huang for the gorgeous artwork.

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