Naruto Sets Up Code's True Strength

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is setting the stage for Code to get even stronger and reveal his true strength with the newest chapter of the series! The manga is now fully diving into its newest Code focused arc as the conflict for the next few chapters is becoming that much clearer, and Code's grand scheme is starting to fall in place as well. He had only been operating in his belief of the Otsutsuki and was going through with Isshiki's plan in his stead, but it seems that Code is still hiding something up his sleeve. 

It was teased that the reason Code was trying to sacrifice Boruto to the Ten Tails and bear a new chakra fruit from the Divine Tree in order to reach the godly level of power only obtainable by the Otsutsuki, but it seems that Code still has a strength that has yet to be tapped. Eida is heard referencing Code's "true" strength, and now it's raised a question over whether or not this refers to the Divine Tree or an aspect of his Karma powers that have yet to be revealed. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 64 of the series picks up right after Boruto unleashes his full Karma seal power once more. But rather than being controlled by Momoshiki, it's confirmed that Boruto now has a new level of control over the Otsutsuki that is most likely due to the effects of the experimental medication he had been taking from Amado. As Boruto begisn to fight against Code and their Karma powers clash with one another, it's gotten to the point where even Code is worried about losing to Boruto before unlocking his "true" power. 

When Boruto corners him, Eida explains to Code that Boruto's new control over Momoshiki is likely due to Amado's medication (something Eida only knows due to her omniscient abilities, but doesn't know for sure since her vision doesn't extend to Boruto's Otsutsuki body), and says Code should worry lest he lose before he obtains his true strength. So while Code's Karma is indeed stronger than Boruto's, it's not at such a level that he's completely undefeatable. In fact, now is the best time to take down Code before he gets his wish at true power. 

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