Naruto Fans Have Theories About Boruto's Last-Minute Heart Attack

The latest chapter of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga left fans on a shocking cliffhanger that seemingly left Boruto's life on the line! Boruto and his bro Kawaki are currently doing battle with Code, the psychotic and powerful cyborg from the Kara organization, and the dedicated disciple of the late Isshiki Otsutsuki. In order to keep Code from taking Kawaki hostage, Boruto had to unleash the power of his Karma mark, and the monstrous soul of Momoshiki Otsutsuki that resides within it. However, Boruto Chapter 64 reveals that Boruto has actually gained control over both his mind and Otsutsuki powers – but not without cost! 

In the cliffhanger to Boruto's latest manga chapter, Boruto's conscious use of his Karma powers is interrupted by a violent heart attack – and fans have some deep theories about what is happening to Naruto's son! 

One particularly good rundown of clues and theories about this latest turn in Boruto's evolution popped up over on Reddit. It runs down the evidence we've seen about Boruto's Karma mark and its powers, starting from the very first flash-forward sequence that began the series. Here's the gist of it. 

New Kind of Karma Control 

Boruto has had three big "transformations" into Momoshiki: during Team 7's battle with Kara Inner Boro; after Isshiki's death when Momoshiki ambushed Sasuke, Naruto, and Kawaki; the latest possession, during Boruto and Kawaki's battle with Code. However, as Naruto fans have noted, there was a definitive change between the first and second times Boruto transformed into Momoshiki: 

When Boruto broke Momoshiki's horn to stop the villain during his attack on Naruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki, both the manga and anime made a point to depict a change in how Boruto's Karma tattoos receded into his body. With the horn, the Karma powers receded back into the mark on Boruto's palm; after the horn was gone, they receded into Boruto's eye – his Otsutsuki Jogan eye, to be exact. 

The theory is that Naruto is borrowing a page from Dragon Ball lore; when Goku severed his Saiyan tail, it repressed his monstrous Great Ape form, allowing him to channel his Saiyan power in more heroic ways. By breaking Momoshiki's horn, it seems like Boruto may have done something similar to Momoshiki's influence over him. 

Good Medicine

The other factor here is that Boruto has been taking an experimental new medicine, courtesy of Kara's lead scientist, Amado. Earlier in this current arc, Amado approached Naruto with pills that could possibly slow down or suppress Boruto's "Otsutsukification" process. The downside, of course, was that Amado had no idea what the side effect of the pills might be – he warned that they could even be potentially fatal. Of course, that never stopped Boruto from popping a whole handful of those pills, without a second thought. That medicine could be doing exactly what it's supposed to: helping Boruto surpress Momoshiki, at the cost of his own health. 

Death Before Fusion


The theory about what this heart attack means for Boruto goes even deeper. As with every development in Boruto's powers, fans have gone back to re-examine that opening sequence flash-forward again. Fans are now wondering if the threat of Momoshiki possessing Boruto doesn't take a different kind of twist – one more in line with the Naruto saga: a fusion. 

Boruto's behavior in the opening flash-forward – specifically his dialogue – has fans feeling like it's not just Naruto's son in that body, but Momoshiki as well. In short: instead of Boruto being fully taken over and possessed by Momoshiki, the two end up bonding and merging, forming a situation like Naruto and Kurama: a boy with a monster inside him that gives him phenomenal power, but threatens to transform him into a monster himself. 

The means of this unique fusion could be unfolding in front of us, right now. Burto has a heart attack (due to Amado's drugs, or whatever...) and possibly "dies" therefore triggering a sort of incomplete resurrection process for Momoshiki. Or, Boruto is about to die, forcing the evil Otsutsuki to use the comprise of a merger in order to keep his only vessel from outright dying. Either way, the heart attack, combined with Boruto's new level of control over his Otsutsuki powers and knowledge, creates a one-of-a-kind situation where and Otsutsuki ends up bonding to its human host in a way that's more symbiotic, rather than parasitic. 

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