Naruto Debuts Jigen's Surprising Special Power

The battle between Jigen and Kashin Koji in the depths of the Kara Organization has begun, where the villains are vying for control of the rogue collection of ninjas, and it seems as if the leader of the group that has been tormenting the Hidden Leaf Village in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations had some hidden tricks up his sleeve. With Koji's identity set to be revealed in the near future of the Shonen franchise, there are plenty of surprises in store for both the heroes and villains of the ninja world created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Jigen's power level has always been off the scale, with the leader of Kara demonstrating his strength on more than one occasion, recently infiltrating the Hidden Leaf Village and defeating Naruto and Sasuke at the same time. In this current battle against the man who looks strikingly similar to Jiraiya, the mentor to Naruto who was often referred to as the Pervy Sage, Isshiki was able to demonstrate his power that takes a page from Marvel's Ant-Man wherein he can shrink himself depending on the circumstance. Able to also apply this power to objects that he is able to make contact with, Jigen is easily one of the most terrifying villains that Konoha has ever faced.

Twitter User Naruto Ship Tweet not only shared a video of Jigen's new power where he was battling against Kashin Koji, but altered the villain's voice to reflect his diminutive size as the Otsutsuki member proves that it is going to take some serious elbow grease in order to bring him down:

Following the Kara Civil War, we'll see Jigen take a much more direct approach thanks to the events that spin out of his fight with Kashin Koji, which will create a battle, unlike anything that anime viewers have seen in the franchise so far. With the Hidden Leaf Village set to change forever, the anime is coming shockingly close to catching up with the events taking place in the manga, leaving fans wondering if we're about to dive back into filler territory once again.


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