Boruto: Kawaki Pulls Off Naruto's Best Trick in an Epic Fight

Over the years, Boruto has carved a niche for itself within the anime fandom, and its manga [...]

Over the years, Boruto has carved a niche for itself within the anime fandom, and its manga continues to wow readers the world over. While the show has just begun to adapt the manga, the print series is far ahead with a dangerous arc. And recently, the series let Kawaki pull off one of Naruto's most steadfast tricks all thanks to a signature jutsu of his.

For those curious, the whole thing goes down at the end of chapter 53. Boruto pulls forward in this update by bringing Isshiki to this breaking point. With the baddie desperate for a vessel, Kawaki is transported to the battlefield out of nowhere, and it seems like Isshiki manages to imbue the boy with a second Karma mark.

Boruto Naruto Kawaki Anime Vessel Arc Trailer
(Photo: Shueisha)

However, that is not the case. Kawaki learned a thing or two from Naruto during their training together. After all, the Hokage told Kawaki he would take him under his wing, and that is just what he did. Isshiki did not put the Karma mark on Kawaki but instead place it on a Shadow Clone of the boy. This simple trick gave Kawaki enough time to run out Isshiki's clock and leave him for dead.

"Seems like you want to say something. Not that it matters," Kawaki tells his abuser. "You're gonna die, totally outsmarted and beaten by a mere vessel. So what is it, this is your reality."

For fans, this trick is a satisfying one that has been seen before. Naruto has used his Shadow Clones to trick more foes than fans care to count, and that same goes for Kakashi as well. The technique is considered a high-ranking one in the Hidden Leaf and for good reason. The Shadow Clone is entirely different from the simple bunshins taught at the academy, and Kawaki was able to master the technique. And because of his training, Kawaki was able to trick an all-mighty ninja bent on overtaking the world... at least, for now.

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