Naruto Reveals Sarada's Major Promotion

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has given Sarada Uchiha a major promotion with the newest episode of the anime series! As the anime continues exploring the fallout of the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, one of the ideas it has presented was how Naruto had enacted a new set of Chunin Exams in order to ease the minds of the Hidden Leaf Village civilians shaken by Isshiki's invasion. These new exams are a way to bolster their forces publicly as a way to better prepare for the next major threat to come. 

Part of the excitement for the arc was seeing how Sarada and the rest of Team 7 had made it to the finals of the Chunin Exams and were forced to fight one another in order to reach the next level. Following Sarada's fight with Cho-Cho in the previous episode, the newest episode of the series officially brought the Chunin Exams to an end. And with that end awarded the winners the rank of Chunin, which includes Sarada among the four who had made it to the next level. Sarada's officially a Chunin now! 

Episode 226 brings the final two matches of the Chunin Exams to an end. After Sarada had won her fight against Cho-Cho in the previous episode, it's soon revealed that it was supposed to be Boruto vs. Mitsuki next. But thanks to the two of them investigating Amado and being late to return before their names were called, the both of them had been disqualified and the final match of the exams (Denki vs. Tsubaki) had Denki win it out. This means that Wasabi, Houki, Denki, and Sarada had been officially awarded the rank of Chunin with the end of this newest set of Chunin Exams. 

Together with the fact that she's become the de-facto Captain for Team 7, Sarada is now one important step closer to accomplishing her dream of becoming the Hokage someday. Unlike Boruto and Mitsuki, who had wanted to become Chunin just to take on more advanced missions, Sarada sees the promotion as an important step forward to eventually running the entire village. It's a fitting promotion for a fitting character, and one we'll see in action as the anime continues. 

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