Naruto Finally Reveals How Boruto Got Sasuke's Headband

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally revealed how Boruto ends up with Sasuke's headband. It's a mystery that's been hanging over the series since its opening flash-forward scene, which saw a teenage Boruto wearing Sasuke's headband into battle against his friend/rival Kawaki, with Hidden Leaf Village seemingly in rubble behind them. Ever since seeing that scene play out, Naruto fans have been convinced that part of Boruto's story will inevitably be the reveal of Sasuke's tragic fate. And after the latest Boruto manga chapter, fans aren't exactly feeling more reassured, as Sasuke passing his headband to Boruto seems like dark foreshadows of what's about to come.

Warning! Boruto chapter 49 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of Boruto picks up from the cliffhanger of Isshiki Otsutsuki launching a sudden attack on Hidden Leaf Village. Thanks to some key double-crossing within the Kara criminal organization, Isshiki was forced to abandon Jigen, the human vessel he had been hiding in, and reveal his true Otsutsuki form in battle. That transformation has left Isshiki uniquely vulnerable; Jigen is an imperfect vessel, and it is only Kawaki that can fully contain Isshiki's essence before it burns Jigens body out and causes the Otsutsuki warlord to die.

With that ticking clock hanging over him, Isshiki makes haste to Hidden Leaf Village and starts killing off villagers, to draw out Kawaki. Being the Hokage, Naruto meets Isshiki in battle face-to-face, in the skies over Konohagakure. However, as the "Shadow Hokage," Sasuke has a different plan, entirely.

While Naruto is fighting, Sasuke takes Boruto aside for a "pep talk." Sasuke has been paying close attention to the revelations about the Karma seal and its purpose as the Otsutsuki's method of resurrection; he knows that during Team 7's rescue of Naruto, Boruto's Karma seal allowed Momoshiki Otsutsuki to unleash terrible power in the young boy. Now Sasuke wants Boruto to do it again - only this time, by unleashing the might of Momoshiki against Isshiki! Naturally, Boruto is a bit shaken about rushing into battle against Isshiki, and makes one big request of his mentor:

"Remember last time, when we went to rescue dad from Momoshiki, you lent me your headband? Can I borrow it again?"

Sasuke hands over the headband, understanding what it means to Boruto. He even finds his own way to let Boruto know that he cares about him (or at least the headband):

"It's valuable," Sasuke tells Boruto. "So you better return it in person."

Boruto Manga 49 How Boruto Got Sasuke Headband Explained
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Boruto promises to do so - but it feels increasingly likely that the promise will not be able to be kept. Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto are now in another dimension to fight Issihiki, with everyone ready to unleash their respective full powers. While Sasuke's passing of the headband seems like it could be purposeful misdirection, the power of Isshiki makes it seem more like this could truly be the end of Sasuke Uchiha.

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