Netflix Announces New Anime Spinoff, Bright: Samurai Soul

Netflix knows anime has unlimited possibilities, and it has been pushing the medium to its limits over the past several years. Now, it seems like the streaming service is ready to spearhead a new original series based on a familiar franchise. After all, Will Smith's Bright is getting an anime spin, and it will follow two heroes on their journey to bring a lost girl home.

The announcement was made today during Netflix's Geeked Week. It was there fans learned Bright: Samurai Soul is being worked on behind the scenes, and it is set in the same world as the live-action Bright movie.

According to Netflix, Bright: Samurai Soul tells the story of Izo who works as a ronin. He is joined by an orc known as Raiden as they travel the country to bring a lost elven girl home. The mysterious child needs to find her people in the north, so these two fighters escort her home through all sorts of treacherous land. And to make things worse, it seems the elven girl has a wand in her possession that others are eager to take.

At this point, little is known about the movie, but Bright: Samurai Soul will be directed by Kyohei Ishiguro. It is one of several projects being worked on behind the scenes at Netflix. The streaming service also confirmed two horror anime series are in the works. One is called Exception while the other goes by the title Make My Day. So if you want something less spooky, maybe this samurai tale will suit you! And if you. need to watch Bright before this spin-off goes live, you can binge it now over on Netflix!

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