BTS Trends After Surprise Fall Out Boy & RM Collaboration Drops

If you are part of the BTS Army, then today has suddenly become a lot more interesting. Twitter is freaking out after a surprise track from Fall Out Boy was spotted, and it has none other than RM guesting on the remix.

So, yes - Fall Out Boy and RM have collided. It is time to revisit your old MySpace days.

If you visit Twitter, you will see ‘RMxFallOutBoy’ trending worldwide. The tag is being touted by rock and k-pop fans alike as the two artists are preparing to unveil a surprise collaboration. RM, the leader of BTS, has prepared a remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Champion.” The electric track is set to debut soon enough, and fans are saying they never saw the collaboration coming.

The official remix will hit streaming sites on December 15, so U.S. fans have a bit of waiting to do before it goes live. The track was discovered when fans living in different time zones saw “Champion” hit Spotify, and RM from BTS was listed as its feature. Clips of the remix have gone live on Twitter, but fans are asking netizens to still support its official release once it goes live at midnight.


This is not the feature track RM has collaborated on, but it is his most surprising. Fans did not know the rapper even listened to Fall Out Boy or had been in-touch with the band about doing a remix. In the past, RM gave fans plenty of notice when he began working on a collaboration with rapper Wale. Their joint track “Change” dropped in March 2017, and RM went on to do a second collaboration with artist Gaeko in April. Now, RM can add Fall Out Boy to the growing list, and fans admit they’re more than happy with the match.

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