BTS Releases Stunning 'Love Yourself: Answer' Comeback Trailer

BTS is ready for its next comeback, and the band is letting fans know in a big way. After a series [...]

BTS is ready for its next comeback, and the band is letting fans know in a big way. After a series of social media teasers, a comeback trailer for BTS' next album has gone live, and the soothing reel gives fans their first look into the much-awaited comeback.

As you can see above, Big Hit Entertainment released its first peek into BTS' next installment of their "Love Yourself" trilogy. Soon, Love Yourself: Answer will be released, and this stunning trailer highlights one of its tracks.

The reel begins in black-and-white as BTS' oldest member is shown sitting on a couch while another version of him stands in the back. The casual clip follows Jin as he goes about a domestic routine and eventually steps outside into a world of color where rain is falling backwards.

Of course, the gorgeous visuals are par for the course with BTS and K-pop videos as a whole. Fans are putting most of their focus on the lyrics of Jin's track "Epiphany"— and they are a doozy.

The melodic track showcases Jin's smooth vocals, and his higher notes land without a hitch. Big Hit Entertainment provided translations for the track's Korean lyrics, and they tell the story of self-acceptance.

"I'm the one I should love in this world / Shining me, precious soul of mine / I finally realized so I love me / Not so perfect but so beautiful / I'm the one I should love," the lyrics read.

As the third installment of BTS' "Love Yourself" trilogy, this new album has critics and fans sharing their high expectations. BTS has proven the once-niche K-pop fandom is anything but these days, and their Billboard success speaks to that truth. With album pre-orders breaking records left and right, Love Yourself: Answer is shaping up to be something special, and this trailer only serves as evidence to that fact.

Pre-orders for Love Yourself: Answer are currently available through retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The anticipated album will hit shelves on Aug. 24.

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