Report: BTS To Announce Second ‘Love Yourself’ Album Soon

If you need more BTS in your life, new music seems to be in sight. Last year, the rising k-pop [...]

If you need more BTS in your life, new music seems to be in sight. Last year, the rising k-pop group wowed the global music scene with its release of "Love Yourself: Her" and more songs appear to be on the way.

Over in South Korea, the media outlet Star shared a new article about BTS and its impending comeback plans (via SBS). The site reports the group is preparing a second "Love Yourself" album which is slated to hit shelves in the first half of 2018. So far, no date or subtitle for the album has been teased, but Star did have one thing to say.

If the site is right, BTS is hoping the new album will continue the group's quest for global domination. The report says the band wants the album to appeal to a truly international audience, and Big Hit Entertainment's staff is working around the clock on the release.

Of course, fans are not too surprised to hear about a second "Love Yourself" album. After all, BTS does have a thing for trilogies. Shortly before the group's latest album went public, BTS completed a very popular album trilogy known as "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life." The band blew away fans as each album weaved a story with its music videos, and they even spurred on some very intense conspiracy theories by fans.

For now, BTS fans can only guess where BTS will go with its next album, especially given the success of the first "Love Yourself" album. The group's latest project went live in September 2017 and its title track "DNA" went on to land on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The track gave even more clout to BTS' growing reputation abroad, giving them the chance to ultimately perform live at the American Music Awards last year. With more than 1.5 million sales under its belt, "Love Yourself: Her" set a high bar for BTS to meet, but fans are feeling confident the group's next release will meet it in stride.

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