Castlevania Fan Shares Stunning Alucard Sculpture

Castlevania's fourth and final season gave fans the last adventures of the trio of vampire slayers [...]

Castlevania's fourth and final season gave fans the last adventures of the trio of vampire slayers that helped make the animated series one of Netflix's most popular television shows, and one fan has shared a stunning rendition of the son of Dracula himself, Alucard. While the finale of the second season witnessed Alucard and his friends, Trevor and Sypha, saw the vampire slayers managing to actually kill the lord of the vampires, the following seasons proved that they had far more challenges ahead of them as Dracula's death left a power vacuum in the world of creatures of the night.

Alucard himself first appeared in Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, which actually worked as the basis for Netflix's animated series as it also included Trevor Belmont and Sypha as playable characters. First appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Alucard had a long history within the Castlevania series, eventually getting a video game of his own in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the original Playstation console. Symphony of the Night has easily been thought of as one of the best entries into the video game franchise, with Alucard fighting his way through Dracula's castle struggling to fight the villainous sorcerer Shaft and a possessed Belmont.

Twitter Sculptor Semi Baked Words shared the sculpture of one of the fan-favorite characters of the Castlevania series in both its video games and animated series, capturing the aesthetic of the cursed son of Dracula known as Alucard:

Even though the latest series might have brought to an end the adventures of Alucard with Trevor and Sypha, Powerhouse Animation hasn't been shy about their willingness to return to the series in the future with a spin-off series. Luckily, the possibility of Alucard returning in a spin-off is amplified thanks to not only his popularity but also his immortality.

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