Viral Castlevania Cosplay Shows Off Why Fans Love Lenore

One Castlevania cosplay has gone viral for truly showing off why fans loved Lenore so much! After initially premiering with a four episode first season back in 2017, Castlevania returned for three more seasons to bring its full story to a close by the end of the fourth season's run. This story grew from its initial focus on Trevor Belmont and its central trio of characters to expand to a whole new wave of potential protagonists and antagonists that each had their own goals in mind. None more unique perhaps than Lenore as we learned through the series. 

Lenore seemed to be after something much different than Carmilla and the other vampires, and it soon became clear through her back and forth with Hector that she had been seeking a sort of enlightenment and love that she couldn't find in her undead life to that point. These exchanges are why fans grew to love the mysterious Lenore more and more as the seasons continued, and it's that love that's being tapped into perfectly with some awesome cosplay from artist Irina Meier, who has taken off with fans big time after debuting this newest cosplay on Instagram! Check it out below: 

If you have yet to check out the final season for yourself,'s Evan Valentine reviewed Castlevania's final outing and spoke of it as such, "Amid the blood and guts, Castlevania takes the opportunity to dive into what it means to be a creature of the night and/or a vampire, which allows for some interesting character development that gives something for fans to mull over in the final moments. Fans of the series will definitely find themselves surprised at where some of their favorite characters end up and which battles actually take place following the build-up of Season 3. It's a tight, action-packed affair that potentially could have used one less episode to bring everything to a close." You can read the full review here for more.

If you have yet to jump into the series as all, all four seasons of Castlevania are now streaming with Netflix and you'll be able to get much more of a Lenore fix! The series will be making its return with a whole new setting and cast in the future, but until then, it's the perfect time to keep showing Lenore and the other characters some major love! What did you think of Castlevania's anime run on Netflix? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!